Fee Schedule

Flat fees

  • Basic Wills: Single, $550; couple, $850
  • Wills with simple testamentary trust: Single, $1,000; couple, $1,500
  • Basic Revocable Living Trusts: Starting at $2500
  • General, durable powers of attorney: $300
  • Health Care Directive(Living Will & Medical Power of Attorney): $200 per person

Fee deposits

Our minimum fee deposit is $2,500.

About fees

Our fees may be charged as flat fees or hourly fees. A flat fee means that you will pay no more and no less than an amount upon which we agree. Flat fees are typically charged for wills, trusts, and powers of attorney.

Hourly fees, which are charged against your fee deposit, are used in those cases where the time spent varies widely from case to case. Hourly fees are typically charged for probates, guardianships and conservatorships, long term care planning, and litigation.

We charge a lower hourly rate for paralegal time than for attorney time. We use the paralegal, always under the attorney’s supervision, to keep the overall fees down whenever possible.

Advance fees

Although we normally require that fees be paid in advance, we can make exceptions in some cases. In probate cases, once the estate is open, our fees are normally paid from the estate. If you are not able to advance a retainer and wait to be reimbursed once the estate is open, we may consider waiting for our fees until they can be paid out of the estate. The same may apply for some conservatorships (financial guardianships).

Your questions

We welcome inquiries about fees. In the initial consultation, we will try to let you know what fees to expect, but it is often impossible to estimate fees without going over the matter in some detail.