Long Term Care Planning (ALTCS/Medicaid)

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What do you need, when and why?

The purpose of long term care planning is to protect your spouse and your children from the devastating cost of your long term care. Of all the costs that may happen when you can no longer take care of yourself, the cost of a care home is the highest. Probate is usually relatively minor, conservatorship is substantially more, but long term care is much more. Long term care is the cost that can drain your life savings.

Long Term Care Planning


Long term care planning is a very complicated area of the law. You may want to read Mr. Lincoln’s articles on the subject. Just click on “Articles” at the top right of any page of this website.

Lincoln & Lauer, PLLC

You should consider purchasing long term care insurance to avoid having to deal with the Arizona Long Term Care System (Medicaid). You should not, however, go ahead and sign up for long term care insurance without consulting with Mr. Lincoln first.

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Bring these items to our meeting:

Who: A list of names, addresses, and telephone numbers for:

  • The person who may need long term care
  • The person’s spouse, parents, adult children
  • Whoever the person is living with
  • The closest adult relative
  • Whoever is named as the person’s:
    • Agent on a power of attorney
    • Trustee
    • Personal representative
  • The person’s doctor


  • Any medical report or medical records
  • The Will, trust, and any other estate planning documents
  • Deeds
  • The most recent bank and other financial account statements
  • A list of any stocks and bonds not in the financial statements
  • The beneficiary designations for life insurance and IRAs

Income: A list of the person’s, and of any spouse’s income


  • The person’s diagnoses
  • The person’s prognosis
  • Whether the person is able to understand financial and legal matters
  • When the person’s problems with mental capacity started


When the first time was that the person was in a hospital, rehabilitation facility, care home, or any combination of those, for 30 continuous days.
Health of the spouse

Transfers: A list of any gifts made in the last five years

Instead: Call us and we will send you a questionnaire you can fill out that will include most of the information we will need to help you.

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