Lincoln & Lauer, PLLC



Lulu- Office Mascot

Lulu: 4/19/2011-1/22/2023

Lulu has left paw prints on our hearts that have
forever changed us.

Lulu- Office Mascot

Name: Lulu Lauer Age: Girls should never tell Sign: Aries Extrovert or introvert? Hmm, mellow extrovert Favorite restaurant? Mom’s desk. It’s a pretty hip spot. Favorite menu items? Unattended Tuna Sandwiches and Chocolate Croissants. Oh! and doggy treats. Current career? Greeting all dog-lovers that visit Lincoln & Lauer to extract belly rubs.



Meet our friendly office mascot Lulu! Between belly rubs, this lovely gal can often be found taking long siestas in her cozy office bed. Her puppy-dog eyes belie her advanced years as does her silly nature. An Aries, she enjoys cruising in the car, and keeping to a strict nap-walk-nap-walk schedule. She sidelines as a food magician, and you’ll be amazed at how she can make your tuna sandwiches and chocolate croissants mysteriously disappear!

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras